Bond Freeze

Bower Hill Swim Club
P.O. Box 13117
Pittsburgh, PA 15243


To Our Members:
Questions have previously been raised concerning the obligation to pay dues when a member does not want to
use the facilities for the season. This is sometimes referred to as a membership freeze. To avoid confusion,
the Board has adopted the following policy, which will be enforced to all members:


A. One Year Membership Freeze
1. Members may choose not to use the Bower Hill Swim Club facilities for one season, while remaining
a member in good standing by notifying the Board of the Swim Club in writing. The letter should be
sent to the address listed above, and accompanied by a payment of $50.00. The written notification
must be postmarked by May 15 the year for which the membership freeze is sought.
2. A membership freeze may not be done in two consecutive years. After the first year has expired, the
member is required to pay annual dues or place the membership bond on the sale list.
3. If the notification and $50.00 payment are not received by May 15th, then the member will be assessed
the full amount of the annual dues for the year in question, and will not be entitled to use the facilities
or place the membership in freeze status until all delinquent amounts are brought completely current.


B. Sale of Membership Bond
1. To place your name on the list of memberships to be sold, a member must notify the Board in writing
to the address listed above. The written notification must be postmarked by May 15. If the
member puts their membership bond on the list of memberships to be sold, and pays the annual dues,
the member will be permitted to use the facilities during the season.
2. If a member puts his or her membership on the sale list prior to May 15th, and does not pay the annual
dues, then there will be no assessment for that year or any subsequent year, but the member will not
be permitted to use the facilities during that year or any subsequent year, unless a payment is made as
described below.
3. If after one year or less of being on the sale list, the member wants the membership bond to be
removed from the for sale list, so that the member can again use the facilities, then the member will
have to make a payment of $40.00 to have the membership bond taken off the list, and pay all dues to
use the facilities. This can be done for one year only, and it cannot be done the year after a member
had done a membership freeze.
4. Members will be added to the bond for sale list in the order in which their letters are received. No bond
payments will be made until a total of 350 bonds are sold. After that when a new family has paid in full
for their bond, that bond payment will be used to pay off the next family on the sale list.
5. All bonds must be bought and sold through the Bower Hill Swim club .


C. Loss of Bond
If the member does not notify the Board in writing of one of the above options, or does not pay their dues by
May 30 (based on postage postmark) of the current pool year, then their bond and membership to Bower Hill
Swim Club will be forfeited.

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