Club Rules and Regulations

Admittance to Pool Area

  1. Membership tags:

    1. All members, including children, will be given a numbered membership tag the first time they use the pool at the beginning of each season

    2. There will be a tag assigned to each individual that is a member of the pool, including all family members and nannies.

    3. Each member entering the pool must show their tag to the lifeguard at the main gate for entry to the facility.  The lifeguard has the responsibility to deny entry if a member tag is not presented at time of entry.

    4. The membership tag is not transferrable.  Utilizing a membership tag to allow non-members into the facility will result in termination of the member from the club and forfeiture of their bond.                                                                                                                    

  2. Guests:

    1. Members are allowed and encouraged to bring guests to the facility

    2. Each Family or Senior/Single membership will receive 5 guest passes at the beginning of the season free of charge.

    3. Additional guest passes may be purchased for a cost of $7 per pass or $60 for 10 passes

    4. Guests are required to sign in with the lifeguard at the main gate and state which member is their sponsoring member.

    5. The member sponsoring the guest is responsible for the behavior and actions of their guests.

    6. Children 2 years old or younger do not require a guest pass.                                                      

  3. An adult or a qualified babysitter must accompany children under 12 years at all times and cannot leave the children unattended.                                                                                                       

Release of Liability

  1. All persons using the pool and its facilities do so at their own risk.  Pool management will not accept responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use.

  2. Pool management will not be responsible for loss of or damage to personal property.  Please check the lost and found for any lost items.  All unclaimed items will be disposed of at the end of the season.

  3. The cost of any damage to the pool property will be charged to the responsible party.


Health and Safety


  1. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not permitted on pool property.

  2. Persons having skin abrasions, colds, coughs, inflamed eyes or infections will not be permitted in the pool.

  3. Only swimming type diapers are allowed in any of the pools.  They are available in the office for $1.00.

  4. Pets are not permitted in the pool area.

  5. Glass containers of any kind are prohibited within the fenced pool area.

  6. Please leave the pool and changing rooms promptly at closing time so the guards can complete their closing procedures and leave in a timely manner.

Pool Rules

  1. Abusive language will not be tolerated.

  2. Running, pushing, wrestling, hanging on the ropes or causing undue disturbance in the pool area is prohibited.

  3. Non-swimmers:

    1. Parents must accompany all children who are non-swimmers into the pool.

    2. Water wings are not permitted in the big pool. 

    3. Flotation devices that attach to the body may be worn in the big pool only if the wearer is accompanied by an adult.  The adult must remain within arm’s length of the wearer at all times.

    4. Noodles should not be used in the big pool by non-swimmers unless an adult is next to them.

  4. Rafts are permitted only during specified raft nights.

  5. Soft balls may be used in the big pool at the discretion of the pool staff.

  6. No diving where specifically prohibited by markings.

  7. Back dives or flips are not permitted from the side of the pool.

  8.  The lap lanes are for lap swimming only.  Children should not play in, jump into or swim across the lap lanes.

  9. Diving Well:

    1. Lifeguards have the authority to request any child take a test to prove they are capable of swimming in deep water.

    2. Upon passing the test, children will be able to swim in the diving well and use the slide and diving boards.

    3. The deep water test can only be given by the manager or one of the head guards and is a pass/fail test based upon the opinion the test administrator.

    4. Deep Water Test:

      1. Jump into the pool at one end, level off and proceed to swim the entire length of the pool (25 yards) without stopping.

      2. At a depth where the swimmer cannot touch the bottom of the pool, tread water for 1 minute without touching the bottom or sides of the pool.

      3. Swimmer must use either freestyle or breaststroke during the test.

    5. Flotation devices are not permitted in the diving area at any time.

    6. Swimming is prohibited in the following areas:

      1. The area to the right of the taller diving board

      2. In between the diving boards

      3. In front of the diving boards or the slide

      4. Beneath the diving boards or slide

    7. Diving board rules:

      1. Only one person at a time is permitted on the diving board.

      2. Member bounces only once on the board then goes straight off the end of the board.

      3. No cartwheels, handstands or inward dives

      4. After completing a dive off the taller diving board, swim either to the opposite end of the diving well or the cone on the right side of the diving well.

      5. After completing a dive off the smaller diving board, swim directly to the cone next to where you got onto the board or directly under the rope to the left of the diving well, exiting the diving well.

      6. Catching someone jumping off the board is not permitted.


  1. Slide rules:

    1. Only on person is allowed on the ladder or the slide at a time.

    2. Slide feet first, facing forwards and do not stop at the bottom of the slide.

    3.  After completing the slide, exit the area in front of the slide as quickly as possible.

    4. Catching someone coming down the slide, or throwing something to a slider is not permitted.                                                                                                                                           

  1. Wading pool rules:

    1. No lifeguard on duty, parents are responsible for watching children.

    2. Children over six should only be in the wading pool only if they are playing with younger siblings.

    3. All children that are non-potty trained must wear swimming diapers.

    4. Parents of children utilizing the wading pool are responsible for ensuring proper behavior in the wading pool.                                                                                                                                

  2. Food:

    1. Outside food is permitted in the pool.

    2. The Swim Club also operates a snack bar for the convenience of the members.

    3. Members are responsible for clearing and cleaning the tables and grounds after eating.

    4. Lifeguards and snack bar personnel are not expected to clean up after members.

    5. Food is not to be eaten on the wall or cement around the pools.                                                     

  3. Alcohol policy:

    1. Bower Hill Swim Club does not sell or serve alcoholic beverages.

    2. If members choose to imbibe alcohol while at the pool, they do so at their own risk.

    3. Bower Hill Swim Club will not be held liable for any damage or injuries sustained to you or any of your guests while imbibing and/or under the influence of alcohol.

    4. Alcohol must not be brought into the facility in glass containers of any kind whatsoever.

    5. Abusive or inappropriate behavior while under the influence of alcohol will result in immediate removal from pool property.  Repeated offenses will result in termination of membership and forfeiture of bond.                                                                                               

  4. Miscellaneous:

    1. Ball playing with hard balls such as baseballs and hard footballs is not permitted inside the fence.

    2. Climbing on or crawling under the fence is prohibited.

    3. No guns or objects that squirt water are permitted anywhere at any time.

    4. Only those with proper permits should park in the Handicap spots.

    5. Parking in the Church parking lot is strictly prohibited.

    6. The playground area and equipment in the Church parking lot is never to be used by members of the pool at the request of the church.                                                                       

  5. Disobeying lifeguards or interfering with lifeguards performing their duties will result in forfeiture of swimming privileges for the day.  A report of the incident will also be submitted to the pool manager.

The pool manager and lifeguards are required to enforce the above rules and regulations and have the authority to restrict any member’s use of the pool for any infraction of them.

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