2019 Event Calendar

Weekley Activities:
Water Aerobics: Classes Wednesday & Saturday at 10:00 AM
Open Water Lap Swim:   TBD
Swim Team Practice;  See Schedule on Swim Team Page.
Swim Lessons:  Tues and Thurs 10 AM & 11 AM (2 sessions)
S   25th         OPENING DAY
Fri  31st          RAFT NIGHT
Tues 4th      Swim Team Practice Begins 7-8 PM
Fri     14th     Swim Team Party 6-8 PM
Wed 19th     Swim Team Practices Begin at 11 AM
Thur  20th   Swim Meet at Elmhurst
Tues  25th   Swim Meet Rose Garden at BHSC
Thur  27th    Swim Meet at Spencer YMCA
Tues  2nd    Relay Swim Meet at Woodland Hills
Thur   4th     No Swim Practice
Tues  9th     Swim Meet Hunting Ridge at BHSC
Thur   11th    Swim Meet at Woodland Hills
Tues   16th   Swim Meet Odd Age at Elmhurst
Tues   23rd  Swim Meet 10 & und at Hunting Ridge
Thurs  25th  Swim Meet Championships at Rose Garden
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