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Dear Pool Member,

Great news!  The pool will be open from Noon - 8 PM starting tomorrow.  Thank you for your patience as we prepared for this season.

One of the differences you will notice is that there are more lane lines in the pool and in a different configuration than you are used to.  One of the CDC recommendations is to create areas in the pool and limit the number of swimmers in each area.  We have put 4 lane lines in the pool.  The lanes along the outside of the pool, where the ladders are, are for people 19 years and older.  Up to 15 people can be in these lanes and maintain social distance of 6 feet with other members that are not part of your household.

The lanes immediately adjacent to these lanes are for lap swimming only.  Two swimmers per lane. 

The center of the pool does not have any lane lines.  This is for families and members 18 and younger.  We can allow up to 30 swimmers in this zone.  Please try to keep your young children in this area.

The diving well is open.  Encourage your children to not form a line at the ends of the diving board and slide.  We are recommending one child on each board and one waiting in line.  If a line does form, try to keep the 6 foot distance.  Same rules apply for the slide.  All members using the diving well must pass the deep water test.  We are limiting the diving well to 15 swimmers.

We have attached a flyer from the CDC regarding their current recommendations.  Please review this document and share with your family.   A copy will be included in your opening packet.

The most important thing you can do to help our summer family is to stay home if you are sick.  If anyone in your family is sick, stay home.  Within the last 14 days, if you have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 or is currently under investigation for COVID-19, please stay home.

Remember, at this time, we will not be accepting or selling guest passes.  We have created a list of all current members.  This will be at the gate.  If your name is not on the list, you will not be allowed into the facility.  Please do not bring any guests with you.  As guidelines change and usage patterns have developed, we will revisit this policy. 

For right now, based on our current membership, we are not limiting use of the facility.  The gate attendants will keep track of how many members are at the facility.  If we have more than 125 members at the facility, we will send a message to all members via Facebook and phone text.  To have your phone added to the list simply text SUNSHINE (all caps) to 43506.  You will then receive updates regarding over crowding or early closures/delayed openings due to inclement weather.


Another CDC recommendation is to limit the use of floatation devices in the pool.  Because of this, we are not going to allow water wings, noodles, kick boards or rafts in the pool.  For right now, Friday night raft nights are cancelled.  We hope to bring them back this summer if restrictions ease.  Swimming assistance devices that attach to the child’s body and arms are still allowed.


The changing areas will be open and the commonly touched surfaces will be cleaned hourly with bleach solution.  As of now, we are not allowing use of the showers.  As the season progresses we will revisit this.


As far as the lounge chairs are concerned, they can be used.  You will notice that they have been spread out throughout the field.  If you move a chair, please return it to where it was originally.  We recommend bringing an extra towel or chair cover.  You can also bring your own chair if you do not feel comfortable using the pool provided chairs.


The snack bar will not be open at this time.  We are still in the process of training staff and developing procedures.  As soon as this is finalized, the snack bar will open.  Updates to follow regarding open date and procedures.  When the snack bar does open, we are instituting a cashless policy.  To use the snack bar this season, please establish an account.  The accounts carry over from season to season and can be refunded at the end of the season by request.  You can establish an account two ways.  You can send money through PayPal to  This account is linked to the pool checking account.  You can also bring a check and give to the snack bar attendant.  Minimum amount to open an account is $20. 


CDC Guidelines

Thanks for your understanding and patience!  We are looking forward to another great summer at our oasis away from home.

Board of Directors

Bower Hill Swim Club

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